The work that focuses on specific subjects such as technical innovation in nursing or oncology nursing is allocated to specific working teams called ‘divisions’.

To ensure transparency to the public and to coordinate the cooperation between the indivisual divisions, the divisions and their members are assigned to one of the four key issues.

  • Clinical nursing
    • Division for Oncological Nursing Research
    • Division for Critical Care Nursing
    • Division for Counseling, Information, Training
    • Division for Nursing Phenomena
  • Teaching and education
    • Division for Education
    • Division for Academic Nursing Training
  • Nursing and society
    • Division for Historical Nursing Research
    • Division for Psychiatric Nursing Research
    • Division for Nursing Technology – Development & Consequences
  • Theory and methodology
    • Division for Research Methods

Sections are obligated to report to the steering committee once a year.

Criteria for the foundation of a section:

  • Only active members can create a division or be members of a division. The division has the opportunity to give interested people the status of a ‘guest’ for one year.
  • The general meeting decides over the establishment of a new division.
  • The foundation of a division is carried out along relevant issues of nursing science.
  • The proposal for the establishment of a new division has to be supported by five people. It has to be sent in written form to the steering committee by the 30th of September each year, if it shall be decided on the next general meeting which normally takes place in spring.
  • A concept for the foundation of a division should encompass the following aspects:
    • description of the general issue
    • background
    • aims and tasks of the division
    • a specific working program
    • methods
    • members of the section and eventually preliminary work
  • Each division will first be established for one year. 12 months later at the next general meeting the defined establishment can take place. Therefore five members of the division have to apply four weeks prior to the general meeting in a formless manner.