COST Action 15208:
Rationing / Missed Nursing Care: An international and multidimensional problem (RANCARE)

Workshop: Missed Nursing Care – impacts and interventions

Rationing of nursing care is a huge problem all over Europe and beyond. Rationing of nursing occurs when resources are not sufficient to provide necessary care to all patient. As a result, fundamental patient needs may not be fulfilled. In 2016 a COST-Action called RANCARE (Rationing – Missed Nursing Care: An international and multidimensional problem) started. (

Local workshops are among the instruments to promote discussion on this topic.
Rationing of nursing care influences also learning environments of nursing students and their mentors. We presume, that the impact of rationing in nursing care on learning environments is especially high in those countries which have a precarious nurse patient ratio. As cross-sectional comparisons illuminated, there are striking differences in nurse patient ratios in Europe. Germany is one of the countries positioned at the far end of the ranking. It is to be assumed that nursing staff restriction has an impact on the situation of nursing students, e.g. their awareness of what is ‘normal’, or on their decisions in the process of prioritization.

The workshop will discuss these issues from an ethical perspective and with special attention to structural and process-related interventions. It aims to foster the development of knowledge about factors related to rationing of nursing care and its impact on learning environments and to encourage the discussion on ethical aspects regarding the meaning of learning environments which are characterized by rationing.

The workshop is initiated by the German members of the COST management committee Renate Stemmer (Mainz) and Monika Habermann (Bremen).

  • Prof. Riitta Suhonen, PhD, University of Turku, Finland
  • Prof. Dr. Maria Schubert, ZHAW Zurcher University of Applied Science, Switzerland
Target group:
  • Lecturers and teachers in the field of nursing training
  • Young scholars and academics
  • German politicians in the area of health care and nursing
  • Practitioners and representatives of health institutions who provide practical placements for nursing students

Place: Catholic University of Applied Science Mainz, Germany

Language: English

Time: 22nd February 2019, 09.00-17.00

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22.02.2019 9:00 - 16:30 Katholische Hochschule Mainz
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