German Society of Nursing Science

The German Society for Nursing Science is dedicated to the promotion and further development of nursing science in Germany. It was founded in 1989. In the concern of scientific societies and in the social discussion it serves as the organ of nursing science. The engaged work of its members have contributed to the successful development of nursing science in Germany in a relative short period of time.

The independent society of nursing science promotes, supports and pushes forward the discourse in the scientific discipline. Its members feel obligated to ensure pluralism regarding the philosophy of science and methodology and bringing new knowledge to the public.

The German Society for Nursing Science promotes and supports:

  • projects in research and development regarding nursing science
  • dissemination and transfer of knowledge in nursing science
  • the disciplinary and interdisciplinary discourse in the context of conferences, publication and speeches
  • young researchers in the area of nursing science
  • the discourse regarding nursing science in national and international institutions and boards
  • the influence of nursing science in the social discourse by publishing expert statements regarding political issues in the area of health and nursing.

The German Society for Nursing Science is member of

  • the German Network of Health Care Research
  • the German Society of Public Health

It takes part in national, international, disciplinspecific and transprofessional projects, working teams, boards and committees in the process of generation, dissemination and implementation of nursing and health knowledge. It prepares statements and comments regarding political questions the area of science, nursing, nursing education and health out of a disciplinspecific perspective.

The German-language journal ‘Pflege und Gesellschaft’ (Nursing and Society) is the organ of the German Society for Nursing Science.